10 Standing Yoga Poses For Beginners

Feb 18, 2022 | yoga&health

People practice yoga for myriad reasons. Some people practice it to get fit, and few people look for spiritual benefits. There are people who think you should be able to contort your body into various shapes. However, yoga is not just that. It is a lot more than that. You should be able to align your body with the mind and soul. If you have just started your yoga journey, then you should start with a few easy poses. Moreover, you can choose the best yoga school in Rishikesh to start your journey. 

There are yoga postures, that you can try sitting, lying, or standing position. Standing positions are the easiest of all. So, if you are a beginner, it is best to start with standing poses. Head to Samadhi Yoga Ashram for a wholesome journey. 

Standing Yoga Poses for Beginners:

You should start with standing postures, that can give you stability and balance. Such postures can also make you stress-free. It is the best way to start your yogic journey. 


It is also quite famous as the Mountain pose. It is a pose, which if practiced from the beginning of your yogic journey forms the basis of many other advanced yogic postures. You have to stand with your feet apart. Evenly distribute your body weight on these two feet. Bring your hands by your sides, with palms facing forward or towards your body. Focus on something, so that you can concentrate well. Hold the breath after inhalation, and keep like that for 5-7 breaths. 


The name might make you feel uncomfortable, but it is a very easy pose. However, you should not take poses lightly. These easy poses can be a foundation for tougher poses. Stand with your feet apart, and move into a squat position. Lift your hands up and stretch them forward above your head. The palms should face forward. Some people also refer to it as the chair pose. 


It is another standing posture, that beginners can practice. You can learn about such postures in the 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. The syllabus is expansive, and no matter how unprepared you are, you can perform the asana. If you suffer from Sciatica, you can practice this posture. It leads to flexibility of the hips, and also strengthens the thighs and glutes. You have to stand with your feet wide apart. Keep them straight. Bend your knees sideways, until you are able to touch your feet with one hand. The other hand should be straight above your head. Both hands should be in one straight line. 


You will be able to practice all of the above asanas, at the yoga school in rishikesh. Vrikshasana resembles the tree pose. So, you will be actually emulating a tree. Stand with your body straight and feet together. Lift any one foot and bend it and lock it on the inner thigh. It should form a triangle. Raise the hands above and join the palms in a ‘Namaste’. You can develop strength in the legs and also align your body. It is good for the spinal cord as well. 

Nataraja Asana 

It is yet another asana that you can practice. Fold one leg backward, and hold the foot, with the hand which is on the same side of the body. While doing this, the other leg should be placed flat on the ground. Raise the hand on the opposite side of the body straight above your head. This pose works on the back, legs, and core muscles. Additionally, it is great for balance. If you can conquer these poses, you can also perform the sitting yoga poses for beginners. 


It is another yoga posture, that you can engage in. Some people also call it the Eagle pose. It is basically an asymmetric posture, that you can practice will maintain balance and stability. You have to cross one leg over the other knee and twist it around the opposite lower glutes. After aligning your legs in a proper manner, you have to bring your hands forward, make a right angle, with the palm pointing upwards, and twist both hands. Fix your gaze at any point in front of you. 

Kalyan asana

It is another standing posture, which is similar to pada-hastasana. Stand straight with your arms by your side. Then slowly raise the hands and bring them down to hold the lower part of the leg. While doing so, bend your body at the waist. Inhale and exhale comfortably. 

Ardha Chakra Asana

It is an intermediate asana that you can do as a preparatory pose for Chakrasana. You can practice the pose, by standing straight and raising your hands towards the top of your head. Slowly bend your body backwards, to an angle where you will be comfortable. It tones the shoulder and thighs. Apart from that it also improves respiratory power. 

Virabhadra Asana

It is another lunging forward type of asana. Your body will resemble the warriors, who can strike at any moment. The hamstring, hips, and shoulders are affected, if you practice the asana on a daily basis. You can practice a variety of yogic postures. It is a standing asana. 

Eka pada Asana 

You can also practice this asana, to improve the balance and stability of the asana. You have to raise your hands in a ‘Namaste’ and raise the hands up and slowly bring it in front. Lift one leg straight and keep it parallel to the floor. Your hands and one leg should be in a straight line. 

These are the easiest yoga asanas that you can do to prepare yourself for advanced postures or sitting yoga poses for beginners.