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If we say ‘YOGA’ is a gift of India to the world, it won’t be an exaggeration! Since the time of Krishna and Rama, Yoga has been quite popular and practiced by the learned persons. Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is known as the modern yoga capital of the world with its high concentration of yoga schools in the lap of serene nature of the foothills of Himalayas. This beautiful land, encircled with mighty mountains, deep green forests and blissful flow of Ganga makes it an ideal destination for yoga practice in a peaceful environment. Moreover, the presence of such large number of gurukul ashrams influences the vibration of the place and makes Rishikesh the best destination for practice of yoga and meditation.

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Samadhi Yoga Ashram as one of the best for learning Yoga in India

Samadhi Yoga Ashram has been in Rishikesh for many years and spreading the essence of yoga through its learned gurus and yoga teachers. With deep understanding of ancient and rich yoga traditions of India through a generation of revered sadhus and yogis Samadhi Yoga Ashram has been instrumental in popularizing Yoga in India as well as in many different parts of the world. Within the sanctitude of Ashram atmosphere and among the yogis as well as sadhaks (practitioners), Samadhi Yoga Ashram has been providing different yoga training as well as yoga teacher training courses spanned over different durations. Also the yoga courses offered by this Ashram has been recognized with Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International, which offers the inmates an international recognition while undergoing yoga training sessions through this Ashram.

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At our Ashram, we have learned yoga gurus and teachers who has travelled extensively through different countries while teaching Yoga, Ayurveda, Kundalini awakening, Pranayam and meditation to disciples of many origins. This vast experience with expertise of our learned yoga teachers makes them highly competent to impart yoga teacher training as well as normal yoga training sessions for young and old. With such a versatile ashram atmosphere, our inmates get a dynamic ambience to master yoga and other techniques while learning anatomy, philosophy and other vitals about any division of yoga. With our versatile experience and expertise we deliver the finest training in Yoga in India with an extensive course. The divine atmosphere of Rishikesh and especially our Ashram makes us the best yoga training institution not only in Rishikesh but also internationally. This fact has been established through our successful trainees and disciples who have adopted professional yoga training as their career worldwide.

Join us for your desired duration of yoga training sessions whenever you are in Rishikesh. We can also accommodate you for instant joining through our step-in yoga sessions. If you are about making yoga as your career, we can help you with certified courses which are recognized worldwide. We offer you the best stay in our ashram in a complete shatvik environment and in an atmosphere filled with positive energy from daily rituals, chanting and spiritual practices. You can only feel the richness of our Ashram when you are in our ashram at Rishikesh. Join the best yoga in india for a life-changing experience!

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