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Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

  • Ayurveda Yoga TTC
Yoga and Mediation in rishikesh

100 Hour Ayurveda Yoga TTC

$1000 100 Hour Ayurveda Yoga TTC

Get Familiar with Ayurveda While Learning Yoga Through Our Ayurveda Yoga TTC

Yoga and Ayurveda has been associated with each other since time immemorial. As we all know, Yoga combines our body, mind and soul to bring them to unison. When the body becomes pure, it affects positively on the mind and thoughts and thus brings a person closer to his/ her soul. Ayurveda plays an important role while healing and maintaining the body in a perfect receptive state, where the human body can derive many benefits of Yoga through a perfect state of mind. With the never-ending bond of body and mind, the bond of Ayurveda and Yoga also becomes never-diminishing. And this is the reason why, Samadhi Yoga Ashram brings you an introductory 100/200 Hour Ayurveda Yoga TTC to get familiar with the concept of Ayurveda, its effect on body and mind and its relevance to Yoga Sadhana.

What are the key components of this Ayurveda Yoga TTC

The basic purpose of this Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training Course is to enlighten the yoga practitioners about the much hidden treasure of Ayurveda and its many effects on the human body. We have devised this curriculum with a perfect balance between ancient Ayurveda and Yoga Kriyas. This course is formulated as per the guidelines of Yoga Alliance and after successful completion of this course, each participant is awarded with a merit certificate to further spread the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda. As key components of this course, we have introduced basics and philosophy of Ayurveda, various Kriyas, medications, body purification through Ayurveda and how Yoga is related with various kriyas of Ayurveda. With this course, we take our students on a journey of Ayurveda with concepts of Ayurvedic medications for various ailments and maintenance of the human body. We practically expose our students to various kriyas with Yogasanas to bring in the good effects of Ayurveda to human body. We introduce the concept of physical wellbeing and also offer guidance on maintaining different parts of the body with Nadi Sodhan, Pranayam, Neti and such other kriyas. For any yoga practitioner, these Ayurvedic kriyas constitute an important part of body purification and is practiced combinedly to offer the finest benefits of yoga to the serious practitioners.

Who can avail this 100 Hour Ayurveda Yoga TTC

Anyone who is interested to learn the connection of Ayurveda with Yoga and Meditation, can join this teacher training program. However, this course will be an added advantage to the already practicing yoga teachers to upgrade their skills and understanding of Ayurveda. We encourage everyone to undergo this 100 Hours Ayurveda TTC & 200 Hours Ayurveda TTC to get enlightened about the ancient Ayurvedic practices of India and its connection with various Yogasanas. We offer a comprehensive model of training with discussion with fellow yoga practitioners and this course is definitely an eye-opener for anyone who is interested in pursuing the career in Yoga and Ayurveda in the coming years.

100 Hour: 14 days Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training, Course Overview

Recitation of Sacred Sound (Mantra Chanting)

  •   Om Asato Maa Sadgamaya (Mantra from Upanishad)
  •   Tvameva mata ca pita Tvameva (Sloka on gods)
  •   Om Tryambakam Yajamahe ( Mantra on lord shiva)
  •   Om sahana vavatu ( Mantra from Upanishad)

Yoga Postures (Asana)

  •   Pawanmuktasana series 1
  •   Pawanmuktasana series 2
  •   Pawanmuktasana series 3
  •   Surya Namaskar ( sun salutation)
  •   Chandra Namaskar (Moon salutation)
  •   Tadasana (palm tree pose)
  •   Triyak tadasana (swaying palm tree pose)
  •   Trikonasana (triangle pose)
  •   Parivirtatrikon asana – revolving triangle pose
  •   Uttkatasana –chair pose
  •   Virbhdrasana 1 -warrior 1
  •   Virbhdrasana 2 -warrior 2
  •   Virbhdrasana 3 -warrior 3
  •   Ardha Chandrasana- Half moon pose
  •   Vriksasana – tree pose
  •   Parvatasana – mountain pose
  •   Adho mukha svanasana – downward facing dog
  •   Kati chakrasana – waist rotating pose
  •   Malasana – squatted yoga pose
  •   Garudasana – eagle pose
  •   Baddha Konasana- bound angle pose
  •   Rajkapoot asana – pegion pose
  •   Bhujanghasana – cobra pose

Yoga Nidra (Psychic Sleep)

  •   Basic Relaxation
  •   Tension Relaxation
  •   Full Body Relaxation

Anatomy and Physiology

  •   Digestive System
  •   Respiratory System
  •   Circulatory System
  •   Nervous System
  •   Endocrine System
  •   Organs
  •   Bodily systems
  •   Nadis
  •   Chakras

Yoga Philosophy

  •   History of Indian philosophy
  •   Origin of yoga philosophy
  •   Different classical texts of yoga philosophy
  •   Yoga sutras of Patanjali
  •   4 Aspects of mind
  •   Eight limbs of Yoga
  •   Panchakosha
  •   Triguna
  •   Five Elements


  •   Ayurveda & Yoga – Sister Sciences
  •   Ayurveda- Ancient way of Natural Healing
  •   Basics of Ayurveda
  •   Concept of 5 Elements (Pancha Mahabhuta)
  •   Tridosha ( vata, pitta. Kapha)
  •   7 Body Eleements (Sapta Dhatu)
  •   Concept of Mala (Waste Products)

Ayurveda Nutrition

  •   Nature of food
  •   6 tastes and its properties
  •   Sattvic Diet

Sat Karma

  • Week 1
  •   Introduction of Pranayama , Benefits of pranayama , General guidelines
  •   Clavicular , Thorocic and Diaphragmatic Breathing (Yogic Breathing)
  •   Ujjayi
  •   Bhastrika
  •   Kapalbhati
  •   Nadi – Sodhana
  •   Bhramari
  •   Surya – Bhedi & Chandra – Bhedi
  •   Sheetali & Sheetkari
Week 2
  • Sitting postures for pranayama sadhana-
  •   Easy pose
  •   Half-lotus
  •   Swastikasana
  •   Siddha yoni asana

Meditation (Dhyana)

  •   Introduction to Meditation
  •   Breathing Awareness Meditation
  •   Om / Mantra Meditation
  •   Trataka
  •   Dynamic meditation

Teaching Practice

  •   Demonstration
  •   Alignment
  •   Instructions

Teaching Methodology

  •   Positive and conscious communication
  •   Friendship and trust
  •   Time management
  •   Quality of a teacher
  •   Use voice in the class
  •   Mental and emotional preparation for teaching
  •   Class preparation
  •   Step by step class structure planning


  •   Based on Oral test
  •   Behavior
  •   Attendance
  •   Performance

100 Hours Ayurveda Yoga TTC Dates and Schedule


  • Morning Bell
    5:30 AM
  • Hatha Yoga
    6:00 AM
  • Pranayama (Breathing practice)
    8:00 AM
  • Breakfast
    9:00 AM
  • Yoga Philosophy
    10:15 AM
  • Anatomy
    11:15 PM
  • Yoga adjustment and alignment
    12:15 PM
  • Lunch
    01:30 PM
  • Ayurveda Theory
    04:45 PM
  • Ayurveda practice
    05:30 PM
  • Meditation
    06:30 AM
  • Dinner
    07:30 PM
  • Light off
    09:00 PM

Availability of the Ayurveda course:2019

100 hour ayurveda yoga teacher training in Rishikesh will be conducted throughout the year on following dates in 2019

Jan 02nd___14th Jan 2019___Available___Fees____$1000 USD____Apply

Feb 02nd___14th Feb 2019___Available___Fees____$1000 USD____Apply

Mar 02nd___14th Mar 2019___Available___Fees____$1000 USD____Apply

Apr 02nd___14th Apr 2019___Available___Fees____$1000 USD____Apply

May 02nd___14th May 2019___Available___Fees____$1000 USD____Apply

Jun 02nd___14th Jun 2019___Available___Fees____$1000 USD____Apply

Jul 02nd___14th Jul 2019___Available___Fees____$1000 USD____Apply

Aug 02nd___14th Aug 2019___Available___Fees____$1000 USD____Apply

Sep 02nd___14th Sep 2019___Available___Fees____$1000 USD____Apply

Oct 02nd___14th Oct 2019___Available___Fees____$1000 USD____Apply

Nov 02nd___14th Nov 2019___Available___Fees____$1000 USD____Apply

Dec 02nd___14th Dec 2019___Available___Fees____$1000 USD____Apply


• Students willing to have only Yoga teacher training without food and accommodation is also possible.
• Vegetarian Food, Juices, Tea with 3 star Accomodation with modern facilities.
• Students can take the private accommodation, heater and AC with an extra cost.

Discipline Rules for Students

• No Smoking and alcohol in the Ashram.
• If you are not having your meal any day inform the kitchen Manager 3 hours before.
• Respect your teacher and follow all the disciples make by the ashram for your successful course.
• Always be in the time, you are late means will not be permitted to join class.
• Before departure return your books, maps or any goods which you borrowed.
• Samadhi Yoga Ashram provides accommodation for a student who join yoga classes. So any friends or relatives will not be included in accommodation. If anybody is coming with you please inform the ashram earlier.
• Student have to present in all scheduled program of Samadhi Yoga ashram.

Refund Policy - Samadhi Yoga Ashram

• An advance of a course fees will not be refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules.
• If student cancel the course, we accept cancellation but advance deposit will not be refund in cancellation.
• There is no charge of course cancellation. Student just has to inform by email.
• Samadhi Yoga ashram is not responsible for any mishappenings before course schedule
Yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh| Samadhi Yoga Ashram