Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh

Welcome the Divine Blessings in Your Child with Pre-natal Yoga and Spiritual TTC

Pregnancy is known as one of the most beautiful happenings on this earth when a symbol of eternal love takes its physical form. For any mother there is nothing more important than raising her child inside her womb and even after it comes out. Science has proven that the child undergoes a series of emotional and physical changes within the mother’s body. As it takes its complete shape to come to this earth, it is vital that the life that is developing inside a mother has to be nourished properly with diet, both physical as well as spiritual diet. This is the reason why learned masters have emphasized spiritual and yogic lifestyle for any pregnant lady. This not only offers a comfortable and rejuvenating atmosphere for the mother and the developing child within, but also helps in holistic development of the child guiding him/ her from different stages inside the womb.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher training in Rishikesh

Practice of asana and pranayama must be practiced daily. It will make you insightful and spiritful - Yogi Vishnu

Pre-natal Yoga and Spiritual TTC for the would-be mothers

At Samadhi Yoga Ashram we have devised a special prenatal yoga teacher training course for pregnant ladies who would like to nurture their divine blessing in the right path. This special retreat program is a complete program that takes care of the diet of the mother and child while making the pregnant women learn how to take the best care for their baby while it is still in the womb. We make this retreat quite comfortable for the expecting mothers, which offers them complete rejuvenation and peace of mind. Our special yoga and spiritual retreat for pregnant women offers a dynamic perspective-shift in the path of spirituality so as to develop a responsible and spiritually evolved child. We take care of mothers through their daily rituals and diets while guiding them smoothly through a spiritually enlightened path, which nurtures the child quite positively.

Join our Prenatal Yoga and Spiritual TTC for an evolved child

We ensure that the expecting mothers receive the best in terms of spiritual enlightenment, shatvik food, enough sleep, and active yoga practices which directly impact the development of the child inside the womb. With our retreat program, we also guide expecting mothers on how to look after their own body and mind as it is directly connected with their child inside. We also advise pregnant ladies for a complete check on their thoughts and channelize their times in a positive company (Satsang), which develops a spiritually enlightened child with a healthy body and mind. With our attention on every minor detail for the pregnant ladies, we make sure this Pregnancy Yoga teacher training program offers complete rejuvenation to the expecting mothers while supporting a better and much positive development for their child within.

Develop your willpower and destroy the ever busy ego - Yogi Vishnu

How to register?

If you are expecting a child, this is the best time to join our Prenatal Yoga teacher training program at our Ashram in Rishikesh. We offer the finest prenatal yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh for pregnant women. For registration and other details of our arrangements, you can speak to us at your convenience. Take a great stride to support the development of your child inside you in a spiritually enlightened manner! We are here to welcome you with a warm embrace.

Why Choose Samadhi yoga Ashram

  • Tradition- We follow Ancient Traditional yoga of The Himalayas.
  • Location – We are located in a peaceful, serene, and beautiful place in Rishikesh.
  • Lap of Mother Ganga- we are situated on the bank of the Ganga River.
  • Himalayan Jungle – The jungle is just behind our ashram closely.
  • Curriculum – All practices and theory
  • Teacher – we have 14+ experienced teachers under the guidance of Yogi Vishnu
  • Courses- we offer around 15 different important courses.
  • Experiences- Until now our ashram has trained more than 3000 yoga teachers around the world.
  • Spirituality- Our training is based on spiritual practices.
  • Kundalini-based training- Our main purpose is to awake the latent energy of our students.
  • First kundalini yoga ashram- we are the first school who stated the kundalini yoga TTC
  • Founder- Yogi Vishnu is one of the well-known Yogi who is the founder and teacher.
  • Holistic yoga- Holistic yoga Teacher training is one of the best course we offer

Availability of the Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training Course:2023-2024

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Course NameCourse DateAvailabilityCourse FeeBooking

Pre-Natal YTTC01st To 10Th Apr 202302 Seats$599$799Book Now

Pre-Natal YTTC01st To 10Th May 202303 Seats$599$799Book Now

Pre-Natal YTTC01st To 10Th Jun 202303 Seats$599$799Book Now

Pre-Natal YTTC01st To 10Th July 202304 Seats$599$799Book Now

Pre-Natal YTTC01st To 10Th Aug 202305 Seats$599$799Book Now

Pre-Natal YTTC01st To 10Th Sep 202306 Seats$599$799Book Now

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Accommodation For This Course

Frequently Asked Questions

To prepare yourself you need to Know these things:

  • Check the weather of India on that month you join.
  • Prepare yourself with some home studies of yoga, you can take the basic foundation course that we provide online.
  • Prepare your health and mind.
  • Come with an open mind to receive the wisdom of yoga

Yes, it is enough to teach, Our experienced yoga teacher will heal you and elevate you in such a way that you become inspired. After that, you cannot stay without teaching. Yes !!!! A yoga teacher is not only a teacher of techniques but a teacher of Love. Kindness and compassion. So come and elevate. We believe a true yoga teacher teaches first own self. You will be certified as a 100-hour yoga teacher and you can be registered in yoga alliance USA, Yoga Alliance professional.

Before teaching yoga you need to have a profound self-practice and training from the authentic yoga school. It is not the matter how long you should practice but it matters how much and how sincerely you practice and how much experience you have. At least 2 or 3 years of regular practice give you a good amount of experience to teach yoga. Yoga alliance also recommend 2 years of time

If you have done the 100 Hours basic yoga course, you will not be a registered yoga teacher in yoga alliance but you will be eligible to attend our 100 Yoga ttc in any month for 100 hour more and you will complete 100 hours. Yes you can teach the simple practices like joint movements, simple asana, pranayama and meditation practices.

Students Reviews

Discipline Rules for Students

  • No Smoking and alcohol in the Ashram.
  • If you are not having your meal any day inform the kitchen Manager 3 hours before.
  • Respect your teacher and follow all the disciples make by the ashram for your successful course.
  • Always be on time, you are late means will not be permitted to join the class.
  • Before departure return your books, maps, or any goods which you borrowed.
  • Samadhi Yoga Ashram provides accommodation for a student who joins yoga classes. So any friends or relatives will not be included in the accommodation. If anybody is coming with you please inform the ashram earlier.
  • Students have to present in all scheduled programs of the Samadhi Yoga ashram.

Refund Policy - Samadhi Yoga Ashram

  • An advance of course fees will not be refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules.
  • If a student cancels the course, we accept cancellation but the advance deposit will not be refunded in cancellation.
  • There is no charge of course cancellation. The student just has to inform by email.
  • Samadhi Yoga Ashram is not responsible for any mishappenings before the course schedule

What does the course fees include ?

  • 8 nights shared Accommodation
  • 9th day Checkout (Before 12 PM)
  • Daily nutritious vegetarian meals and tea
  • Weekend excursions
  • Yoga cleansing kit- Neti pot, Sutra neti
  • Himalayan Cave meditation trip

What is not included in the course fees ?

  • Any expenses related to visa and travel
  • Private accommodation- 150 USD additional
  • Taxi-pickup from (DED) Dehradun airport is free.
  • Taxi-pickup from Haridwar Railway Station - 20 USD.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment & Massages extra cost
  • Air-conditioner or room heater- 100 USD additional

Contact Information

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Student's Reviews

Allen Joy


I trained with Yogi Vishnu Ji for a 200 hr self-paced traditional kundalini & tantra certification course. His warm and professional way of teaching aligned with how I learn best. The material is organized, there are supporting people behind the scenes and the course felt like a family. Since I was self-paced and I have limited internet, it was important for me to find a course where I could learn through videos 2-3 days a week. I took the whole 3 months to complete the course, however still feel connected to the knowledge and warmth of Yogi Ji... Thank you Samadhi Yoga Ashram for offering such a gift that will be passed to the world.

Inna Kelberer


I have been practicing yoga for 3,5 years. I have always wanted to learn yoga deeper and to become one day a yoga teacher. I believe you can learn and study more just by teaching others. In this way, you can grow yourself and you can help other people grow as well. I had a lot of questions in my mind when I decided to register for Guru Vishnu’s yoga teacher training course. He promised that the course would change my life. But I didn’t expect that the changes in my life would be so rapid and huge. I am delighted with the level of preparation of any events, quantity, and quality of information! I am very impressed!

Kimberly Prado


I am so grateful to have chosen to attend this school online, it really changed my perspective of learning yoga in a more traditional sense giving me the greatest understanding I need to continue my journey. The teachers are beyond amazing and the people you meet wonderful people from all over the world. I cannot wait to attend this school in India in the nearest future. I highly recommend this school. I love the traditional teachings which gave me the experience I needed to build a strong yoga foundation. It is definitely life-changing in the most positive way. I love this school!!!



Well, my experience over the last month has been magical, to say the least. I had signed up for a Kundalini YTT and that Kundalini knowledge ended up being just the extra bonus. The daily lessons with Guru Vishnu Ji are something I feel everyone should experience in their lifetime, our world would be a much better place, that is for sure. The amazing group of my classmates from all over the world truly added a real sparkle to my experience. It is so incredibly refreshing to be surrounded by so many wonderful, like-minded people, even if only on a virtual platform for now. I can not wait to meet my new family live in Rishikesh when the time is right.

Selena Delesie


I had an amazing experience with Samadhi Yoga Ashram for my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. It was an online version, but they did so well in helping to feel deeply connected to the teachers, staff, my Guruji Vishnu, and my fellow students around the world. They are authentic, warm-hearted, and very supportive in helping students find their path as not only a yoga teacher, but a student, a yogi who lives yoga as a way of life, and in navigating personal and collective wounds. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking traditional yoga as a way of life and in guiding others on their path too. It was a life-changing experience, following a very challenging couple of years. I am finally feeling whole again.



Staying at the Samadhi Yoga Ashram for my 200-hour yoga teacher training was the best decision I ever made. The staff and teachers were super friendly and knowledgeable. By the end of the 18-day intensive training we were so close, always laughing and hugging. I really feel like we all became a family. I made amazing memories there. The facility and accommodations met my expectations and had everything I needed. When I went in December it was a little cold but if you have enough blankets you will be fine! The staff also has plenty of blankets for people to use if needed. The food was delicious and plentiful every day. We also had enough time for breaks throughout the day to explore the town and have fun. Would highly recommend it!

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