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7 Days Basic Ayurveda Course

  • 7 Days Basic Ayurveda Course
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7 Days Basic Ayurveda Course

$550 7 Days Basic Ayurveda Course

Learn the Essence of Ayurveda With our 7 Days Basic Ayurveda Course

Ayurveda is one of the oldest known knowledge that is bliss to the human being. It offers a guidance to live in the nature with the most natural way and keep a person healthy in body and mind with natural extracts. Everything about Ayurveda is natural, processed naturally and is applied without any side effects. Ayurveda, as the name suggests, is to improve the “Ayu” (the lifespan) of a person. With regular practice of Ayurveda a person can lead a healthier and stronger life with boosted immunity against any physical disorders. Ayurveda also offers advantage in cleansing and purifying the human body system, while offering a rejuvenated state of body and mind acting on the deeper layers of immune system.

What is there is our 7 Days Basic Ayurveda Course:

At Samadhi Yoga Ashram, our constant endeavour is to guide and enlighten people, especially our students to lead a stress-free and composed life. We teach yoga, offer Yoga Teacher Training courses and also various courses on Ayurveda. With various kriyas, and panchakarma practices we help our students to learn and master the art of cleansing the body, which could lead to a clearer state of mind and effect in a healthier living. Our 7 days basic Ayurveda course offers a brief introduction into Ayurveda, its philosophy and history, its legacy in controlling various physical ailments and its effects on the human body system while offering a disease-free life. We also introduce our students to human physiology and internal systems. We help in explaining our students about different plants and their medicinal properties and offer a practical demonstration of Ayurvedic rituals, kriyas and panchakarma. We help in making our students learn the Ayurveda fundamentals and expand their knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda. With practical classes appositely compensated with theoretical classes, we help our students to receive the core essence of Ayurveda with yoga and other physical activities. This 7 days basic course helps our students to understand the concept and fundamentals of Ayurveda offering them a foundation to enhance their knowledge about Ayurveda. This basic course is an essence of all other long-term course offered at our Ashram for the students from India and abroad.

What a student gains?

With this 7 days basic and compact course, our students can have a glimpse of the vast world of Ayurveda and its applications for physical wellbeing. This course also helps a person to understand the practical applications of Ayurveda along with Yoga training. This course prepares our students to receive mode detailed and in-depth understanding of Ayurveda. And this course establishes a fundamental of Ayurveda among the yoga learners and teachers. This course offers an insight into various kriyas and physical cleansing processes offering a clear understanding of the effects of Ayurveda and learning its applications.

How to join this course?

By contacting our Ashram, you can get the detailed calendar for our basic Ayurveda Course in Rishikesh. You can also keep checking our web portal to know about updates for different courses along with 7 days Basic Ayurveda Course in Rishikesh, India. You can also get details about our international programs in various countries and various locations. With our guidance you can mark your calendars for joining in any such courses offered by our Ashram. Call us today or write to us for details!

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