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Yin Yoga Teacher Training Offline/Online In India

Yin Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

Explore The Depth Of Relaxation With The Deeper Connection To The Supreme Through Our Yin Yoga TTC Program As a certified and recognized institution for Yin Yoga Teacher Training India we at Samadhi Yoga Ashram (SYA) bring you the most subtle and powerful approach to Yoga through our Yin Yoga TTC program. This program is designed to offer you an in-depth understanding of Yin Yoga with expert guidance from our renowned yoga trainers to exfoliate the core essence of this powerful yoga form. We at our yoga school offer you comprehensive Yin Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh which makes you a certified yoga teacher of this ancient practice.

yin yoga teacher training rishikesh india

Do not treat your body as yourself, treat it like a vehicle by which you travel - Yogi Vishnu

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga originates from the Taoist principle of Yin and Yang, two completely opposite natures complimentary to each-other. Yin Yoga is a powerful, slow and subtle form of yoga which offers dipper impact to tendons and muscles with its meditative impact. In this form of yoga, asanas are combined with pranayama and mediation with a passive relaxation along with deep opening. The postures in this form of yoga are mostly practiced on the floor and held for longer duration (almost 2 to 5 minutes), which is aimed at deeper impact on body tissues, tendons and muscles while connecting the soul through a meditative approach. It is more sort of being in a posture and letting go of different emotions to delve into a more intense connection with the soul. Yin Yoga works with muscles and connective tissues which are considered almost 90% resistance to the flexibility of human body. With its longer duration of pose-hold and practice of breath control, Yin Yoga offers a relatively deeper impact while guiding in the direction of complete calmness. Asanas in Yin Yoga are relatively similar to that of Indian Hatha Yoga but practiced differently to offer a completely different meaning to relaxation and energy harvesting.

What we offer?

Our Yin Yoga TTC is programmed scientifically to maintain a perfect balance between body and soul while practicing yoga postures. You not only learn the basics, how different postures work on different parts of the body and how deep they impact while offering you relaxation but will also master the skills to impact this form of Yin Yoga to your students effectively. With yoga, pranayama, meditation, and practice we make sure to expose you to all essential elements of Yin Yoga so that you can become a teacher in this form. You will understand the flow of Chi inside the human body and learn to master the art of directing Chi in your desired direction. With the understanding of fascia, meridians, and energy systems we will offer you a Yoga Teacher Training that is highly rational and fruitful. We teach you motion analysis, breathing techniques, use of props, variations in different forms of asanas, and flow of Chi in the body. With our Yin yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you will gain a deeper insight into the energy flow of yoga with mastering the skills of harnessing power and attainment of supreme relaxation. As this is a slow-moving yoga, where holding a pose is important, we ensure that our students learn the exact difference between Yin Yoga to that of relatively similar Hatha Yoga and practice that with complete trance.

Enroll in our Yin Yoga TTC in Rishikesh today to explore a different meaning to patience and perseverance. If you still have any queries, you are always welcome to contact us. We ensure to offer you the best training in Yin Yoga to shape you as a teacher in this specific yoga form

A Yogi is responsible for his own life. He/she understands that no one is the cause of their pain but their own ignorance - Yogi Vishnu

Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Course Overview

Teaching in details of each posture regards to alignment, adjustment and usage of props.

Mudras are the must to practice in Yin Yoga. While in most of the postures, we hold our hands in mudra or clasp our feet. Once the mudra is formed, the practice is then to sense the energetic effect of the mudra. That is a complete meditation all on its own.

The understanding of everything about Yin and Yang with the balancing Life.

Energy and blood flow continuously through the meridians, yet also instantaneously send signals to raise or lower body temperature, with the understanding of Body Meridian is able to create a yin yoga sequence to helps others

To experience the important of Yin Yang balancing

To experience the purposeful sequencing

To elevate the technique of creating classes for difference age group and student needs

The art of deep relaxing to empower the meditation stage which is turning inwards of awareness

Our purpose in life is to move from a human being to a spiritual being - Yogi Vishnu

Why Choose Samadhi yoga Ashram

  • Tradition- We follow Ancient Traditional yoga of The Himalayas.
  • Location – We are located in a peaceful, serene, and beautiful place in Rishikesh.
  • Lap of Mother Ganga- we are situated on the bank of the Ganga River.
  • Himalayan Jungle – The jungle is just behind our ashram closely.
  • Curriculum – All practices and theory
  • Teacher – we have 14+ experienced teachers under the guidance of Yogi Vishnu
  • Courses- we offer around 15 different important courses.
  • Experiences- Until now our ashram has trained more than 3000 yoga teachers around the world.
  • Spirituality- Our training is based on spiritual practices.
  • Kundalini-based training- Our main purpose is to awake the latent energy of our students.
  • First kundalini yoga ashram- we are the first school who stated the kundalini yoga TTC
  • Founder- Yogi Vishnu is one of the well-known Yogi who is the founder and teacher.
  • Holistic yoga- Holistic yoga Teacher training is one of the best course we offer

Availability of the Yin Yoga course:2024-2025

Dates Availability

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25th To 30th Jul 2024 01 Seats left

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25th To 30th Aug 2024 02 Seats left

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25th To 30th Dec 2024 04 Seats left

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25th To 30th Jan 2025 06 Seats left

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25th To 30th Feb 2025 05 Seats left

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25th To 30th Mar 2025 07 Seats left

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25th To 30th Apr 2025 05 Seats left

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25th To 30th May 2025 07 Seats left

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Gentle & Passibe Exercise: Yin Yoga is delicate and uninvolved to practice, yet because of the long time allotment the positions are held, the resulting impact is exceptionally intense. I suggest holding a posture for 2-3 minutes to begin with. If you do well at the activities, you may also feel hesitate to stay in them longer. If it is more requesting for you as a begginer, basically reduce the time you hold them.
  • Gravity: As the exercise are held for a few minutes there is no compelling reason to hurry into the positions. Essentially work with the assistance of gravity. As your body gets milder and more flexible because of the more extended holding time, it might sink further into the position.
  • Impact: It is feasible to begin doing Yin Yoga without heating up ahead of time. The impact on the more profound layers can in this way be strengthened. Nonetheless, you should be mindful consistently in the activities and regard your cutoff points. In the first place, just go as far into the activity as permits you to have space to sink into it more throughout the time you are holding it. In the wake of emerging from the position, lie on your stomach or back for some time to feel the impact of the position and to take the body back to impartial by and by.
  • Inner experience: If you are not yet acquainted with Yin Yoga, it is conceivable you will feel very new actual sensations while delivering from the activities. These insights show you that you have arrived at unexpected layers in comparison to those you would reach in a functioning type of activity. Subsequent to delivering from the positions, the chi, your life energy, moves through your whole body. Be aware of where you especially feel this progression of energy and where you don't will in general feel it. Just let your breath stream normally right now, except if you need to intentionally guide it into a stretch.
  • Restful: Right after a Yin Yoga session you are regularly touchy to outside boosts. Permit yourself to rest for some time to feel the impact of the training on your body and brain. Things you do a short time later may appear to be more serious than expected. After the session, drink a lot of water to help the detoxifying that has been stimulated by the exercises

Breathing can flow quite naturally during the exercises. The more relaxed you become in the passive exercises, the easier your breathing will be. If your breathing becomes very fast in the active Yang exercises and you have the feeling that you can no longer breathe deeply and evenly, then take time out for a little break, for example in child’s pose, until your breathing has calmed down. If the exercises are very new to you and you are having difficulty harmonizing your breathing with them, then first concentrate on carrying out the movements while continuing to breathe in a way that suits you. However, let your breathing flow with complete mindfulness. Be aware that you should not bring with you any thoughts of performance when practicing and that you should not measure yourself against anyone else in the session. I believe it is absolutely crucial to listen to the signals of your “inner yoga teacher” and to therefore respect the intelligence of your own body.

Yin Yoga, presents are typically held for 3-5 minutes when you have insight to feel the impact profoundly. The impact is typically first felt after around 1.5 minutes. The positions can be held for more on the off chance that it feels useful for you actually, or normally you can likewise abbreviate the time you hold them. Indeed, what is significant here is to tune in to the signs of your own body – the internal yoga educator consistently has main concern! Kindly don't belittle the impact of the activities. It is genuine they are delicate, but since of the time span they are held, they are extremely successful.

Yin Yoga practice requires a lot of self-obligation and care. It is absurd to expect to sum up with regards to contraindications as each constitution is interesting. What may feel great to one individual rehearsing it may feel agonizing for another. Thought in this manner must be given to the individual life structures. On the off chance that you work on utilizing the DVDs or books, it is vital to assume liability for yourself by monitoring the signs from your own body and confiding in them. Kindly don't stand firm on the footings for a really long time to begin with, and do them delicately. Focus on how it feels during the activity. You will become more acquainted with your body better as you go on, and through care you will see if the activities are appropriate for you. In the event that you are pregnant, if it's not too much trouble, likewise read the focuses about pregnancy. On the off chance that you have hypertension or potentially intraocular pressure, kindly take care with the positions where your head is underneath your heart, as these are regularly not suggested. I scarcely at any point show the "snail" present now, which among my distributions is discovered uniquely in the book "Yin Yoga – The Gentle Way to Inner Balance," as individuals with helpless stance or neck issues can encounter an excessive amount of tension on the cervical spine. If it's not too much trouble, just practice the situation with an accomplished educator, who can choose ahead of time, in light of your own life structures, regardless of whether the activity is reasonable for you.

The point of Yin practices is to arrive at the deep layers of the body. We need to carry the stretch to the belt, we should stay extremely uninvolved and cease from straining any muscles. The back ought to subsequently be uniformly flexed and adjusted however much as could reasonably be expected in the activities, and the pelvic floor ought to remain totally loose. The Yin practices are exceptionally delicate yet incredible in their impact. In this way it is essential to stay careful in the activities so you don't misrepresent them toward the beginning.

The impact of Yin Yoga is more prominent the less the muscles are heated up. It is hence essential to continue cautiously and tenderly and not to effectively straighten out at all, in order to dodge wounds. You ought to never arrive at your breaking point from the beginning, however just stretch the extent that you believe you actually have further degree to stretch and sink further into the activities.

Subsequent to delivering the positions it is savvy to stay in a casual situation for a couple of breaths, to feel the impact and permit the body to kill once more. The chi, the existence energy, streams seriously through the body subsequent to delivering the positions. With some training and the vital care, you will actually want to unmistakably detect this inclination. This progression of energy may feel weird to you, as it is presumably more obvious somewhere inside than during or after a functioning yoga succession. Be that as it may, don't allow this to agitate you. When your body has killed once more, this inclination which might be suggestive of delicacy will ease. In any case, you can characterize this discernment as a positive sign as it shows you that the impact of the activities has arrived at the profound layers of your body. By and by, in the event that you are in torment in the wake of rehearsing, this is an obvious indicator that you have practiced too seriously or gone past your cutoff. Each time you practice yoga, regardless of whether it is dynamic or aloof, kindly be careful and cautious with yourself.

The Yang practices place the emphasis on fortifying the muscles and invigorating the body. The back muscles ought to be actuated in the activities to fix the spine however much as could be expected. I additionally suggest working with the pelvic floor initiated, as these muscles give strength and shield you from wounds.

It is imperative to separate among uninvolved and dynamic activities, so Yin practices are completed without utilizing muscle strength and Yang ones utilizing it. This isn't a logical inconsistency in itself yet an ideal of complementation between the two, which has a positive and fitting impact on the whole body.

It is feasible to blend Yin and Yang components into one yoga unit. There is no ideal response to which position is best positioned in what part, as each choice may carry with it a little restriction. We examine these alternatives in detail in the Yin Yoga fundamental preparing. In my Yin and Yang exercises, I ordinarily incline toward adding the Yin part to the Yang part. In reality, in doing as such, the impact on the sash is lost fairly, however it functions admirably vivaciously on the off chance that you practice Yin Yoga before the reflection and last unwinding. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of things to note, like the hour of day or the energy in the gathering. For your own training, you can basically choose instinctively, in view of how you feel on a given day. Obviously, it is likewise conceivable to rehearse Yin and Yang in two separate units, for instance, on various days.

To complete the training, it is prescribed to go to one side of the body for a couple of breaths to initiate the pingala or yang energy. Yet, everyone can choose naturally what feels best, obviously.

Students Reviews

Discipline Rules for Students

  • No Smoking and alcohol in the Ashram.
  • If you are not having your meal any day inform the kitchen Manager 3 hours before.
  • Respect your teacher and follow all the disciples make by the ashram for your successful course.
  • Always be on time, you are late means will not be permitted to join the class.
  • Before departure return your books, maps, or any goods which you borrowed.
  • Samadhi Yoga Ashram provides accommodation for a student who joins yoga classes. So any friends or relatives will not be included in the accommodation. If anybody is coming with you please inform the ashram earlier.
  • Students have to present in all scheduled programs of the Samadhi Yoga ashram.

Refund Policy - Samadhi Yoga Ashram

  • An advance of course fees will not be refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules.
  • If a student cancels the course, we accept cancellation but the advance deposit will not be refunded in cancellation.
  • There is no charge of course cancellation. The student just has to inform by email.
  • Samadhi Yoga Ashram is not responsible for any mishappenings before the course schedule

What does the course fees include ?

  • Shared Accommodation
  • Checkout (Before 12 PM)
  • Daily nutritious vegetarian meals and tea
  • Weekend excursions
  • Himalayan Cave meditation trip

What is not included in the course fees ?

  • Any expenses related to visa and travel
  • Private accommodation- 150 USD additional
  • Taxi-pickup from (DED) Dehradun airport is free.
  • Taxi-pickup from Haridwar Railway Station - 20 USD.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment & Massages extra cost
  • Air-conditioner or room heater- 100 USD additional

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Student's Reviews

Allen Joy


I trained with Yogi Vishnu Ji for a 200 hr self-paced traditional kundalini & tantra certification course. His warm and professional way of teaching aligned with how I learn best. The material is organized, there are supporting people behind the scenes and the course felt like a family. Since I was self-paced and I have limited internet, it was important for me to find a course where I could learn through videos 2-3 days a week. I took the whole 3 months to complete the course, however still feel connected to the knowledge and warmth of Yogi Ji... Thank you Samadhi Yoga Ashram for offering such a gift that will be passed to the world.

Inna Kelberer


I have been practicing yoga for 3,5 years. I have always wanted to learn yoga deeper and to become one day a yoga teacher. I believe you can learn and study more just by teaching others. In this way, you can grow yourself and you can help other people grow as well. I had a lot of questions in my mind when I decided to register for Guru Vishnu’s yoga teacher training course. He promised that the course would change my life. But I didn’t expect that the changes in my life would be so rapid and huge. I am delighted with the level of preparation of any events, quantity, and quality of information! I am very impressed!

Kimberly Prado


I am so grateful to have chosen to attend this school online, it really changed my perspective of learning yoga in a more traditional sense giving me the greatest understanding I need to continue my journey. The teachers are beyond amazing and the people you meet wonderful people from all over the world. I cannot wait to attend this school in India in the nearest future. I highly recommend this school. I love the traditional teachings which gave me the experience I needed to build a strong yoga foundation. It is definitely life-changing in the most positive way. I love this school!!!



Well, my experience over the last month has been magical, to say the least. I had signed up for a Kundalini YTT and that Kundalini knowledge ended up being just the extra bonus. The daily lessons with Guru Vishnu Ji are something I feel everyone should experience in their lifetime, our world would be a much better place, that is for sure. The amazing group of my classmates from all over the world truly added a real sparkle to my experience. It is so incredibly refreshing to be surrounded by so many wonderful, like-minded people, even if only on a virtual platform for now. I can not wait to meet my new family live in Rishikesh when the time is right.

Selena Delesie


I had an amazing experience with Samadhi Yoga Ashram for my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. It was an online version, but they did so well in helping to feel deeply connected to the teachers, staff, my Guruji Vishnu, and my fellow students around the world. They are authentic, warm-hearted, and very supportive in helping students find their path as not only a yoga teacher, but a student, a yogi who lives yoga as a way of life, and in navigating personal and collective wounds. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking traditional yoga as a way of life and in guiding others on their path too. It was a life-changing experience, following a very challenging couple of years. I am finally feeling whole again.



Staying at the Samadhi Yoga Ashram for my 200-hour yoga teacher training was the best decision I ever made. The staff and teachers were super friendly and knowledgeable. By the end of the 18-day intensive training we were so close, always laughing and hugging. I really feel like we all became a family. I made amazing memories there. The facility and accommodations met my expectations and had everything I needed. When I went in December it was a little cold but if you have enough blankets you will be fine! The staff also has plenty of blankets for people to use if needed. The food was delicious and plentiful every day. We also had enough time for breaks throughout the day to explore the town and have fun. Would highly recommend it!

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