how to do virabhadrasana and its benefits

Warrior Pose | How To Do Virabhadrasana | Benefits

Virabhadra pose or Warrior pose is one of the foundational asanas. The name of the asana originated from the word ‘warrior.’ You must be thinking, how anybody can associate a non-violent yogic form with a war-like connotation. To simplify this, you must understand that, it denotes the fight against the universal enemy or the mind. It is all about the ‘spiritual war.’ Virabhadra was a famous warrior, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Moreover, it is one of the most fluid postures. This asana is a part of the 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Every person experiences turbulence in the mind within. The series of Virabhadrasana aims at strengthening the mind. 

You need to warm up before attempting this posture. Do some basic asana, like Tadasana or Vrikshasana, before this. Janusirasana and Chandrabhedi pranayama have to be practised after the asana to cool the body. 

How To Do Virabhadrasana?

  • You have to stand straight with your legs apart. The gap between both legs should be at least 3-4 feet. 
  • Thereafter, you have to turn your right foot out by around 90 degrees. Then, turn your left foot by approximately 15 degrees. 
  • Lift both arms. They have to be parallel to the floor and straight. Moreover, they should come till the shoulder level.
  • While breathing out, you have to bend your right knee. 
  • Now, turn your head towards the right. 
  • After you are well-settled into the pose, you should stretch your arms further. 
  • Push your pelvis downwards. You have to hold the posture like a warrior. 
  • Breathe in and come up. 
  • Breathing out, you need to bring your hands to the sides. 
  • Repeat the posture on the other side. 

You can practice the asana for 10 seconds with five repetitions on either side. There is another variation of this asana. After stretching your legs apart, turn the right foot outwards. The other feet will turn inwards. Twist your body completely to face the front side. Bend the right leg at the knee. Stretch the other leg completely. Now, you can take both the hands to the top and do the ‘Namaste.’ Arch the back a little. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat on the other side. You can learn the variations in the Online kundalini yoga teacher training . Moreover, you will receive the correct guidance from experienced gurus. In Vinyasa Yoga there are five postures. All the postures are beneficial for the body. You will also be able to learn multi-style asanas at Samadhi Yoga Ashram. 

Contraindications And Benefits Of The Posture

The Virabhadrasana benefits are many. However, you need to know the contraindications. You cannot do the asana if you have just recovered from any illness. If you have spinal issues, do not practice without doctor consultation. Additionally, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, then you should avoid this asana. Moreover, if you suffer from lung issues, avoid this asana. 

If you recently had Diarrhea, then avoid this posture. Moreover, if you have knee pain or arthritis, then use some support for the knees.  It benefits pregnant ladies in their second and third trimesters. Moreover, you can also practice this asana by standing against a wall. It will provide you with support. 

The asana strengthens the thigh muscles. The asana strengthens the stomach, intestines, and liver.  Furthermore, it leads to a faster metabolism and calorie loss. The Virabhadrasana engages the arms, legs, ankles, thigh, back muscles, and glutes as well. If you lack vigour and stamina, then you should practice this pose. The asana also works on the abdomen. Since you know the Virabhadrasana benefits now, practice it often. 

You should make yoga a part of your life. Fight the inner demons that reside inside your mind. The asana can make you resilient and powerful just like the warrior, ‘Virabhadra.’