Yoga After Surgery – Learn About The Most Beneficial Asanas Today

Mar 2, 2023 | Yoga Teacher Training

You will hear most doctors and surgeons suggesting their patients, to go for yoga after a surgery. When someone undergoes a surgery, it does not just impact the body physically, but mentally as well. The main reason, why you must do yoga after surgery, is to increase the immunity. Moreover, surgery also helps to stop complications, that can arise as an aftermath of a surgery. Your recovery also speeds up manifold, when you start a yoga regime, after undergoing surgery. You can join the Yoga Teacher Training in India, to find out more about the process.

After you undergo any sort of surgery, the body needs to heal. Most of the parts are sore, and the area on which the surgery was performed, is also in a very delicate state. The only exercise that you can do, is yoga. The therapeutic benefits of yoga are known to one and all. Let us delve deeper and learn about the basic asanas that you can do, to heal the tissues and organs. But before that, also learn about the impact of the surgery.

Impact of Surgery On The Body

It is quite natural that the body will be tired after a surgery, no matter how easy or complicated it is. Then, there are the after-effects of anaesthesia and blood loss. You may also have pain in the affected area. After the action of the painkiller wears out, the pain may remain for some time, in a passive way. It may not be very painful, but you will not be very comfortable either.

It is best to take it slow, around this time. This kind of way will help you to tackle the issue with minimal effort. Too much physical activity may not be possible after a surgery. If you have been following yoga for a long time, then you would know that yoga is both therapeutic and restorative in nature. A nutritious diet is also a necessity, which will give the body a huge push towards recovery. You should always consult your surgeon or doctor, before taking up any form of exercise, though. If you are a would-be yoga trainer reading this, you may get many such student-patients in your career. Joining the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh will help you to learn and master many of the aspects of yoga and its actions on recovery. Join the best course today, at one of the best schools in the Himalayan region.

Trained teachers will hold your hands, and take you on a whirlwind trip, to understand what asanas can be incorporated in the regime.

Asanas That You Can Do After Surgery


It is one of the best asanas that one can start with. The reason being, that you need to exert minimal pressure on the body or the legs, as a whole. You have to sit on the mat, with your knees pointing forward, while the pelvic region is on the heels. The toes will point outwards. The thighs will be pressing the calf muscles, lightly. The heels will be separated a bit. You have to place the hands on the knees, with the palms facing downward. The back should be straight at any instance. You can also call it a meditative pose. The pose will help you in physical recovery, apart from affecting the brain positively. So, you will stop having the realization of pain, if any, in your body.

Supported Fish Pose or Matsyasana

 It is another pose or asana, which you can do post-operation. It is the Matsyasana, to be precise, with a cushion or bolster for support. You have to take the desired prop, and lie down atop it, so that the entire back, shoulders, neck, and head are supported. You can extend the legs outwards. If you are not comfortable that way, you can also keep the knees bent. Your arms can be on the sides of the body. The pose will relax the chest, neck, and shoulders. If you do this pose regularly, then in due course of time, the scar tissues will be removed from the areas, where surgery may have occurred, like heart, lungs, or the breast. You will learn about the general anatomy of the body, in the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Even if you do not plan to teach after the course is over, you can take care of yourself and family members, in case a surgery takes place.

Viparit Karani Asana

It is also quite famous as the legs up on the wall pose. It is one of the most restorative forms of yoga, which you can avail yourself of. You will notice, that most surgeries lead to edema in the legs. So, if you change the position of the legs, by taking it up against gravity, you will be promoting venous flow of blood. It will lead to a reduction of the swelling. Simply lie down on the mat, and then swing your legs upwards at right angles. The body should resemble a L-shape from a distance. You can also place a soft cushion or folded blanket under the back or neck. It will provide you with added support.

Marjaryasana or Cat Pose

It is another therapeutic pose or asana, which you can do today. In this asana, you have to sit on all fours, like your palms and knees. Stretch the back like a cat, while breathing with the movements. This is a pose, through which you can release pressure from the upper back. It also improves the working of the circulatory system and abdominal area. It has many other benefits as well.

If you go for the Yoga Teacher Training in India, you will learn about asanas to help you to recuperate from various ailments. The course is quite elaborate and comprehensive, and you will learn about the nuances under trained experts. The best yoga teacher training is not just for yoga teachers, but for the common man as well. You will be able to learn about yoga as a therapeutic practice, which you can use in healthcare settings and at home as well.