yoga in rishikesh

Can Yoga Really Cure Depression In Individuals?

yoga in rishikesh

Depression is something that is hard to overcome. While people can get over a bad breakup,

a bad phase of depression can lead a person to self-harm and ultimately, in the worst-case suicide.
Depression can be caused by multiple factors, and patients usually seek the help of a therapist or
a psychologist to overcome this bad phase. But recent reports have shown that yoga can also help
in curing depression in individuals. When medicines and relaxing asanas are combined, it works
like magic to relieve the individual of their stress, which is one major cause of depression and
also makes it worse. Many doctors now recommend practicing yoga to get better.

The claim is backed by scientific research, which has shown that regular yoga practitioners
release fewer levels of cortisol (the hormone that is causing you to be stressed out) and
monoamine oxidase. The boost in serotonin levels keeps them feeling sunny for the majority part
of the day.

The yoga asanas help in relaxation. The nervous system is divided into two systems–the
sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. The former makes you fidgety
and restless, and also impulsive. The latter one calms you down, and you can think it through
before you take any step. What yoga does is that it helps you to shift to the parasympathetic
nervous system, which ultimately allows you to focus better.

Yoga helps you to concentrate better

The ancient Indian practice helps you in curbing your depression and anxiety, which ultimately
lets you focus. Individuals suffering from depression often complain about a lack of focus or
concentration to their doctors. Instead of taking medicines that can have possible side effects, it
is better to practice yoga to increase your focusing ability. We all have noises in our heads; some
have it worse. These inner thoughts or inner voice can be both distracting and quite irritating at
times. These thoughts keep you from concentrating and retaining information, and hence, you
have problems recalling them later. In order to get inner peace, people practice yoga, especially
Transcendental Meditation. These help them control their inner voices.

Say no to sleeping pills and yes to yoga

Do you have problems sleeping? Depressed patients often suffer from insomnia or irregular sleep
cycles. Your sleeping cycles may also be affected by your corporate life, especially if you are
required to work in shifts. Unless you are well-rested, your body cannot function properly the
next day. After a few days, your health will break down. Instead of reaching for the sleeping pills
in the cabinet of your bathroom, invest a few hours in yoga. The relaxation asanas like yoga
Nidra, which literally means sleep, restorative asanas, meditation, pranayama, pratyahara, and
savasana help in making you sleep better. These asanas signals your brain or the nervous system
to relax for the night so that you drift off to sleep without tossing and turning in bed. If you are in
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