Yoga pose for whole lot of sitting
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6 Yoga Practices For Anyone Who Does a Whole Lot of Sitting

If you have a sedentary job, then this is for you. Most people who work in offices complain of back pain and fatigue. Researchers have found out, that sitting for too long causes a number of ailments, like cancer, heart diseases, and digestive disorders. In fact, it is the new ‘smoking’. Moreover, it also affects mental health. We have come up with certain practices that can loosen your muscles and relax the stiffness in the joints. Yoga in Rishikesh can open up a whole lot of options for you. 

How Can Sit For Too Long Harm You?

Samadhi Yoga Ashram has many yoga postures to alleviate your aches and pains. Humans are made to stand. However, we often sit in a chair, in the worst positions all day long. Certain damages are irreversible. Sitting for an extensive period wastes away the gluteal muscles. You might injure yourself in future while running or walking. Moreover, walking can help you digest fats and sugars. If you do not use them up, it can lead to weight gain and diabetes. Furthermore, sitting for too long also tends to damage the flexor muscles in the hips, and spine. 

Some of the other ailments are deep-vein thrombosis, varicose veins, diabetes, and depressions. You might ask, ‘why depression’? Probably, you are missing out on fitness rituals, that is why. 

Know About Yoga Postures That Help

Now, yoga has come to your rescue. You will know about a few practices that help to alleviate the problems. You can find the 200-hour yoga teacher training to be extremely beneficial for your body and mind. Many students in the past, have expressed their gratitude towards these courses. Get a Yoga Alliance certification as well, at the best price. Here are six postures for you. 

Tadasana: It is one of the best standing postures, that you can practice. Take a break from your work, and stand in a secluded corner. Start practising this asana. This asana is extremely beneficial as it stretches the muscles and boosts the growth of bones. Moreover, Tadasana tends to strengthen the abdominal muscles and leg muscles. So, you can expect some relief from your ailments, while at work. You might want to practice the ‘Samasthiti’ posture.


Tadasana samadhi Yoga

Utkatasana: is a standing asana. Most people refer to it as the chair pose. Yoga in Rishikesh is a great way to give your body that much-needed exercise. Moreover, you can associate this pose with squatting. In this posture, the knees are placed apart at the hip’s width and bent. Furthermore, push your hips back a bit, with the chest pushed forward. You have to take the arms above the head straight. 


Halasana: is another posture that can give a huge boost to your spine. Often referred to as ‘Plough pose’, you can come back home from work and practice this pose. The organs get some massage when you fold your body. Additionally, the neck and shoulder muscles also get some relaxation. Inverted postures such as this, improve lymph circulation inside the body. 


Bhujangasana: it is another posture that can strengthen your back and spine. Also known as the Cobra pose, this asana provides a space for the chest to open up. Additionally, it also stretches the shoulder muscles. It fights fatigue and relieves lower back pain as well. You can practice this pose often, as it is quite easy and fun to do it. 


Utthita Paschimottanasana: is another step that you can practice today after coming back from work. You must be knowing the normal practice of Paschimottanasana. It is a sitting posture, wherein you bend the boy forward while sitting. In the process, one tries to touch the toes. This is a slight variation that offers an extra boost to other body parts. It is the back-balancing variation. In which you ought to take both your hands underneath the thighs. Keep your legs afloat straight. In the practice, you need to bring your forehead and knees in contact with one another. You should go for 200-hour yoga teacher training to master the intricacies of yoga. The best gurus await you in Rishikesh. 


Virabhadrasana: is also called Warrior pose. There are quite a few variations of the same. You can now alleviate your neck pain, with this asana. This is a great pose for releasing the chest and shoulders. This is an excellent standing posture in which you need to stretch your body. Bring one foot forward, in a V-shape, and stretch the other leg backwards. Then, rotate your waist and stretch your hands, one facing front and one at the back. Look ahead. 


These are a few postures that you should practice. Moreover, Tadasana, Utkatasana, and Virabhadrasana are posed, which you can practice inside your workplace as well. So, make it a part of your life. Now, get relief from aches and pains related to long-term sitting. Head to Samadhi Yoga Ashram now.