Kundalini yoga

What is Kundalini Yoga? By Samadhi Yoga Ashram

The phrase Kundalini is derived from the Sanskrit verb root “Kunda”
means pit where we placed fireplace. This hearth is covered with the ashes
around it, that’s why it isn’t always feasible for it to burn the impurities of
person. When with the Yogic practices, this hearth is uncovered
then all of the old impressions which are stored with their imprints from
lots years will get burnt and a person will become absolutely pure
which in yogic terms referred to as saying “awakening”. Normally this power
appears to be a coiled serpent that’s dormant or sleeping. By the certain
kriya or sadhana practices, this electricity could wake up that
practice we name Kundalini Yoga.

kundalini yoga consist of certain specific sports with mantras,
bandhas, mudras and kriyas. All of them are practiced within the certain
discipline and there are a few code and behavior which needs to be
observed by way of the practitioners.

This kundalini whilst it wakeful there are a few problems additionally arises
due to the fact in our subtle body at 3 places, there exists knots and
kundalini hit on them and a person gets a few discomforts. They are
Brahama granthi, Vishnu granthi and Rudra granthi. That’s why it is
advised to exercise kundalini yoga with a few skilled teachers
in any other case some pain may additionally occur. Kundalini move upwards through
Susumna Nadi which is the most effective nadi of our body. This nadi
can not be visible with the human eyes. It is a part of our subtle frame.
This is first-rate technological know-how and each man or woman ought to learn this.
When human being wake up the kundalini Shakti he or she will enjoy
life and become happy forever with the attainment of the kingdom of

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