How To Energize Your Body For Summer?

Aug 17, 2022 | yoga&health, yogapose

If you thought that activities are for winters think again. It is a common idea, that you should engage in sports and other physical activities in winters as you tend to feel cool. Moreover, there is less sweating, which helps conserve the body’s energy. However, there is one fitness regime, that can give you solace in the summer months as well. Here, we are talking about yoga.

Read about a few yoga poses, that will help you beat the heat and stay fit at the same time.


This is the seated forward bend asana, that you must have practiced in your physical training classes at school, long back. So, it is time to go back to those school days once again. Sit down on a mat, with your legs stretched forward. You should rest your hands beside the thighs, with palms down on the floor. Inhale and exhale, and feel your spine lengthening. Lean a bit forward and backwards and walk your hands towards the feet. Slowly, bend forward, and try to hold your feet, with both your hands.

To bring in more perfection, you must aim to make your forehead touch the knees. Stay in the posture for around 3 minutes. Then, come up and inhale and feel your spine relax. This is one of the best postures, that can help you to beat the heat in the summers. The asana calms the mind and reduces stress. Moreover, it also improves digestion, which helps with the proper utilization of all the food. This asana can also bring down your blood pressure, thus giving the impression of a cool body.

Chakra Asana

Many people call it the heart-opener. Some call it the full wheel pose, while many others call it the inverted bow pose. It is a back-bending asana, which you can do, after some practice. You will be amazed to know, that this asana helps to reduce depression and anxiety. You can imagine the benefits, when your nerves are calm and cool. It is a known fact, that the body will also generate less heat. You have to begin in lying-down position. Fold your legs and keep your feet flat on the ground. Take your hands, behind the ears on both sides, and fold them a bit at the elbows. Try to lift your body slowly, with the help of the thrust exerted by your feet firmly placed on the ground and your palms.

You need to hold the pose for 3-5 minutes or longer, if you are a professional, or advanced level practitioner. Beginners can also do this asana, quite comfortably after a few trials. You will also feel your blood pressure normalizing, which eventually leads to coolness.

Viparita Karani Asana

This is another relaxing pose, which will prepare your body for the summer months. It is also a favorite for many of you. And why not? You just have to lie down somewhere, and put your legs up in the air against the wall. The pose can bring down your stress levels, alleviate headaches, and also improve digestion. It also pushes blood to the pumping organ and rejuvenates the body. As your heart rate normalizes, so does the heat inside the body. You can also delve into the scientific reasoning, herein. The heart has to work less, in pumping blood to various other organs inside the body.

Pranayama for Summers

  • Shitali Pranayama – Apart from asanas, you can also practice some pranayama like Shitali pranayama. You can practice this pranayama, without too many hassles. Sit in a comfortable meditative posture. Close both your eyes and then relax your body. Extend the tongue outside the mouth, to its full length. Roll the sides of the tongue, so that it resembles a tube. Now, inhale the air outside with the help of your rolled tongue. After you are done with the inhalation, draw your tongue in, and exhale through the nose. There should be a sucking sound, as you do this. You will feel a sudden chilling sensation in your tongue and the roof of the mouth. The pranayama instantly cools the body and the brain centers. Moreover, it also reduces excitement.
  • Chandra Bhedana – You can also try Chandra Bhedana. It is the moon-activating breath, that we are talking about over here. It works on the female ‘nadi’ or the ‘Ida nadi’. It is very therapeutic on the nervous system. You should practice it before bedtime. You have to close your right nostril, and the inhale and exhale with your left nostril. Do this for 3 minutes. You can also go deeper into the practice, by visualizing a crescent moon’s reflection over a water body.

Other Practices

Apart from the above yogic practices, you can do many other things for your body. Read on to know more about them.

  • You should also drink a lot of water, in the summer months. Three liters of water is a mandatory requirement for one and all. Moreover, if you are dehydrated, your energy levels will also be low. Metabolic processes are also affected, wherein the body generates heat.
  • Apart from that, you should eat a lot of fruits and raw salads. They will instantly cool the body, as you have to expend less energy in their digestion. These also contain anti-oxidants that neutralize the free radicals.
  • You should also ensure to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Eating every two to three hours puts less stress on the digestive system. It also helps the GI tract to take a break and work at its optimum levels.

We would like to mention another yogic kriya, that is easy to practice. You can drink or guzzle down at least 2 liters of warm salty water. And, then you just purge it, by inserting two fingers in your throat. All the residual and undigested foods will come out. And, your body will be able to relax. This is better known as ‘Vaman kriya’. You can also practice it under an experienced guru, initially.

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