Benefits of Taking online Yoga Teacher Training Course

May 15, 2020 | Kundalini yoga, online yoga teacher training course, yoga&health


Hopefully, you are looking to be a yoga teacher and this lockdown creates difficulties for you to achieve your purpose. But do not worry your dream can be possible. Online Yoga Teacher Training course is the best option and it is a fast-growing business because thousands of yoga students are interested to do online yoga training. You may be thinking why? There are so many benefits to doing online courses. We are thinking the same way as you do. When lockdown started because of CoronaVirus we started this with a feeling that it will not work. But immediately we started promotion. We got the best result and from the beginning, our hope got doubled. 12 students participated and we had an amazing review and they were fully satisfied. Now they are teaching yoga.

Learning Yoga from the root has a different experience. That’s why our students encouraged us to do it and we would like to thank them. They have shared their experiences and this article is based on the experience of our online students.  Here I am going to share with you what you can get from online training.

Before you do any yoga teacher training course either online or offline you must understand what actually searching for?

  • Best Training
  • Best communication with teachers
  • Focused training
  • Understanding each and everything that is taught in the syllabus
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable stay
  • Sattvic Food that you would like to eat 
  • Yoga alliance certificate
  • Less trouble
  • Security and so on

If you get everything in online classes then what’s the problem? If you are thinking you want to come to Rishikesh or India then great? But it all depends on the circumstances. But you are free to do now in your room in an online program.

Best Training:

In Online Yoga courses Teachers and students both are relaxed because they do not do so much travelling, they have enough time to rest and prepare in their room so teachers give their 100% attention. That’s why we prepared a big screen for the teacher to communicate with the students and the asana teacher also clearly the body position to guide if a student makes any mistake. 

Best Communication with teachers :

As a student is practicing alone, he or she is always free to ask any questions. There is a microphone that is always connected with the ears of the teacher so the communication is very easy. In the normal class even it is difficult and here in the online program you feel you are most connected with the teacher.

Focused Training :

Online yoga teacher Training is more focused than offline. Because you need to present ontime in your classes and there are assignments you need to complete regularly. There is an inner flow of guidance from the teachers. The Guru of the ashram like yogi Vishnu always guides the online students and he directly communicates to improve the quality of teachings. 

Same Syllabus :

The online yoga teacher training course covers almost all the topics that normally a yoga school teach in normal TTC program like Hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, kundalini whatever yoga style you choose and with that pranayama, bandha, mudra, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, yoga psychology and so on. We have experienced that even when we provide online dance classes students enjoy so much and it is very much possible.

What you not receive in online TTC :

Only thing you miss is that you can not walk in the street of Rishikesh and any place you choose for the training. Same emotion, feelings, and even I feel a deeper connection with the school and teachers. You can not eat and sleep here but they are not the most important topic in the training.

Affordable Fee:

Normally the yoga TTC in the west is about 4000 to 5000 USD and that goes5 to 6 months. Here regularly you will get 6 hours of training and rest you will do self practice and study inorder to complete the 200 hours training. Also it is far cheaper and you can do it from the origin. Normally the course fee is less than 1000 USd, in Samadhi yoga ashram the online monthly yoga ttc is 500 to 800 USD depending on the course. That can be affordable for many students.

Comfortable stay :

You will have a great chance to stay in the most luxurious room that is your home. So all you need is available there always and you can adjust your time according to your comfort.

Best food :

Many people have different allergies and interest in eating can cook for yourself as you like and eat. Some schools like us provide some online cooking classes for students so they can use that for them. 


Online yoga course is accredited by yoga alliance and anybody after the successful completion they will be certified and they can register their certificate with the directory of yoga alliance.

Less trouble:

Online yoga teacher training  courses do not require travelling, packing, and worrying of anything. 

Best Team of teachers:

It is very much possible to have the best teachers in the course because anybody can teach from anywhere. No teachers need to travel to the school to teach. Like we are connected with the great teachers and therapists and we invite them sometimes to share their success and experiences to encourage our students.

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Although direct teaching is very important and there is a different taste to sit with the Guru and learn yoga properly. The Schreen teachings are also a great idea when there is no option for direct connection.

Thank you for reading my article and if you like please share with your friends and promote yoga and you can join us for any yoga training in Samadhi yoga ashram