What Is Karma Yoga, And How Can You Practice It?

Jun 14, 2021 | yoga&health

It is the Yoga of Action. Yes, we are talking about Karma Yoga. When you perform your duty or work without any ego, then it is equivalent to Karma Yoga. Rishikesh is one of the best places in India to learn this form. The yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is one of the most-coveted certifications recognized worldwide. If you are interested in this holistic form, then go for it. Let us unearth the principles of this holistic form today.

The Principles Of Karma Yoga Decoded

  • Duty – The first principle is ‘Duty.’ Every creature must perform. You will be amazed to know that insects have them too. Some duties are given to you against your wish, whereas you choose others. However, you cannot perform all of them simultaneously. It would help if you prioritized them. That is when all hell breaks loose. If you pay attention to your duty as a son, your wife will get angry. The yoga teacher training in Rishikesh will teach you the multiple facets of this yogic form.

Additionally, if you concentrate too much on your studies, your mind suffers. The mind may want to get engaged in some fun moments. Amidst all this mêlée, we forget one thing. The duty towards ourselves. Karma Yoga says that you should pay attention to your happiness and desires. It can make your content. Thus, paving the way for service to others. An unhappy soul cannot do justice to other beings. You should perform your duty without supervision. If you cheat, you will be the sufferer.

  • Ego – It is your perception of yourself and the people around you. It comprises likes, dislikes, hatred, and love. The main purpose of Karma Yoga is to let go of the ego. It states that no man should think of himself above others or the opposite. Every soul has a different path and a different story. Mere mortals are all equal in the eyes of the almighty. The universe is the most powerful. The ego can control what you see. A time comes when the real picture is hidden behind the ‘Ego.’ It is then that all humans commit heinous crimes.
  • Attachment – A practitioner of Karma Yoga needs to let go of all attachments. It includes favoritism as well. If you are a teacher, you need to show equal love and responsibility towards all your students. You cannot favor one and demean the others. Moreover, you have to distribute your knowledge evenly.
  • Reward – It is another facet of Karma yoga. Do not expect anything in return. That is what it says. Most people rarely do something without any expectations. A mother cares for and nurtures her child so that the child loves her back in return. However, that is what Karma Yoga does not regard. The day you learn to give without thinking of return, you become a true yogi. Choose from among the best Yoga teacher training centers in Rishikesh.

Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh – Karma Yoga Practice

Traditionally, all yogis renounce their normal lives and dedicate themselves to meditation. They lived in a community of like-minded yogis or the ashram. Moreover, most yogis practiced different forms of Yoga, meditation, and other karmic practices. However, times have changed now. You can practice Karma Yoga without leaving your home and loved ones behind. The 200 Hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh can help you get the best knowledge that suits the present.

Go for the best Yoga TTC in Rishikesh. You will gain a whole new insight into this salvation form. In current circumstances, it means performing one’s duties with the right attitude. It means sharing your privileges and gifts with someone who needs it. The concern, of course, has to be genuine. The practice helps us to expand our consciousness. There are a few ways that you can practice Karma Yoga in your daily life. They are:

  • Self-service is the first way. Unless and until you are happy with yourself, you cannot help others. It would help if you started at home. Keep your surroundings clean. Moreover, you also need to clean your mind and body. That leads to holistic development.
  • Be authentic. its very important. Try to show genuine feelings. Do not hide or masquerade your feelings. Once you gain the courage to show the real you, you can do anything. Develop the courage to face your fears. Most yogis would tell you that this is the path to salvation.
  • Always respect nature. We are surrounded by nature, yet we are oblivious to it. We have destroyed mother nature. Currently, we are facing the wrath of mother nature in the form of a raging pandemic. Take care of the greenery around you. And stop wastage of natural resources like water. Once, you can start with little practices, and it can lead to larger ones.
  • Contribute to society. It does not always mean donating bags of money to NGOs or Orphanages. You can show kindness by being empathetic to others. Give a patient ear to those who are sad. Try to decrease their woes. You can feed a dog every day or carry groceries for an older man. It is your contribution to society.
  • Practice compassion. It is one of the things that can take you a step closer to the almighty. Always smile when you see someone. Your smile can make his day. Moreover, you do not know what the other has faced in life. So, you can do your bit by showing some compassion.
  • Show a positive attitude towards life. A positive attitude attracts positive results, and negative just the opposite.

Benefits Of This Holistic Form

Once you start your Online yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you will gain the entire knowledge of Karma Yoga. Yoga has the power to transform lives. It helps to remove the obstacles that limit your thinking. Practicing Karma Yoga can lead you to the light of knowledge. It also helps to purify the mind, body, and soul. Therefore, you become more receptive to the light of salvation. It is also therapeutic. Thus, you work your way towards salvation.

The teachings have mostly come down from the ‘Bhagavad Gita.’ It teaches everybody to work without thinking of the results. Attachment leads to stress. However, Karma Yoga has the power to reduce your anxiety. The more unattached you are, the happier you are.