The Experiences of Awakening Kundalini

Jun 14, 2018 | Kundalini yoga

If you have been studying about the yogic realm lately, you may come across the term Kundalini a number of times. What is Kundalini? This question may have come to your mind, quite often. Moreover, you may have seen a few Kundalini yoga practitioners shaking their bodies and heads, while displaying myriad emotions. In a Kundalini Yoga class, the sight of emotional outbursts, anger, yogis lying on the floor and shaking, cannot be ruled out. 

The word ‘Kundalini’ refers to the storehouse of power at the base of the spine, also referred to as the Muladhara. This form of divine force resides in every human, but few are able to identify it, or use it in one lifetime. You can also compare the Kundalini to the coiled snake. If you delve into sacred or spiritual text in India, you will find the mention of the Kundalini or the coiled snake. 

The main power is not in our physical body, but it resides in the Muladhara. It remains untouched in an entire lifetime, for many. It is the elixir of life that resides under the nadis and chakras. 

What Is Kundalini Awakening?

So, now we come to the part, which you have been waiting for. The Kundalini awakening process is said to be the union between the Kundalini power or female power with the male power, which resides in the crown chakra. Only, when the Prana reaches the crown chakra, can it unite with the Universal consciousness. It often takes years for the same to happen. You can awaken the supreme female shakti through asanas and meditation. However, there is no shortcut to achieve the state. Additionally, you need the guidance of a Guru, to achieve the supreme state of mind. The Guru can also initiate energy, through Shakti Path. However, there are certain aspects that you need to take into consideration, for the awakening to happen. 

  • You have to be prepared for the same – No one can force it on you. And, you cannot just read a textbook and gain the awakening and its associated benefits. You cannot start it or stop it. When it starts, you will not be in control of your body. However, you have to engage your body and mind, through meditation and other kriyas, to remove any sort of blockage that may exist in the chakras. If the chakras are blocked, the Kundalini shakti cannot rise upward. If you do not prepare the body, the results could be devastating. Moreover, you may have a nervous breakdown. 
  • You should accept the manner in which the power enters the body. Once the Kundalini power is awakened, the energy or Prana will rise upwards from the nadis, to reach the crown chakra or the Sahasara chakra. Once this happens, salvation is a short distance away. However, most of the time, the energy stays stuck in the lower chakras, beneath the Anahata or Heart chakra. 

Recognizing A Kundalini Awakening

There are several different manifestations of the Kundalini awakening. However, you can easily identify if it’s Kundalini awakening or not, through some subtle or a few violent symptoms. 

Today, you will come across a few signs and symptoms that will make your journey easy. 

  • One of the first feelings that you will have, are the signs of liberation. You will feel free and out of the world. There will be no boundation of any sort, tying you to the earthly matters. You will feel like letting go of the materialistic pleasures that life has on offers. Some people donate all their worldly treasures and leave the house for pilgrimage or sorts.

  • You will feel peace transcending upon yourself. There will be a feeling of lightness. You will feel as if the earthly body is floating in mid-air.

  • Some of the yogis also feel love and compassion for all living beings. You will feel that one and all, who reside on this earth is a part of the divine. You will also feel one with the cosmic universe.

  • You will suddenly be able to let go of past trauma and accidents. You will also be able to forgo any sort of pain. You will definitely remember the pains of the past, but they will not affect you any longer.

  • Many yogis also feel sensations in the earthly body. They could be tingling ones or can be a full-body orgasm of sorts.

  • You may develop a lot of clarity on your life, about what it was and what it is heading toward. The new insights can be also related to your past life. So, you have to keep your mind open.

  • After you have a Kundalini Awakening, there may be a huge surge in your creativity. You will start unearthing hidden talents that you didn’t know about. You could start a new career as well. It is not mandatory to stick to the path of renunciation. You can live a life amidst family, and still enjoy the powers of the Kundalini awakening.

  • Some yogis who had their Kundalini awakened, will feel a sensation of heat in their spine. The nadi passes through the same region in the astral body. Moreover, the Prana passes through the nadi. So, this is the sensation that you must know about. The heat could also be a signal of the blockage in the chakras. Your divine guru can only tell you about its significance. So, it is absolutely necessary to undergo the experience under the aegis of a Guru.

  • You may also have issues with your sleep cycle. When the Chakras are not clear, then you may experience problems with your sleep cycle. 

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Kundalini Awakening can manifest itself in various forms. You may feel self-realization emanating. Moreover, you may reach a stage of complete bliss. You can solve issues with clarity. Moreover, you may become more creative. Additionally, you may also be able to reach the ultimate stage of enlightenment, which is Salvation or Kaivalya. 

Some of you may have your Kundalini awakened by accident, however, it does not really impact your consciousness. The experience is slightly different for different individuals. Clear chakras are the key to proper awakening, without any disturbances or negative effects.