yoga and aurveda

Ayurveda help in Yoga

Ayurveda can help in yoga by expanding the healing powers of yoga considerably with the
induction of principles inherent in Ayurveda. Traditional yoga is primarily the system of
meditation and the ultimate aim of the practice of the art is aimed at reaching the stage of
Samadhi that is the state of complete mental peace. Teachers taking training in the leading
Ayurveda yoga school in Rishikesh in India learns how to help Ayurveda help in yoga
thus making it the complete process of healing through yoga and Ayurveda. For example; in
both Ayurveda and yoga meditation is the core principle but when the two are combined
together because of the combination of yoga and Ayurveda it can create amazing results for the
practitioners. On their part the learners become apt teacher disseminating the knowledge to
the students taking training for them.
To reach the complete stage of improvement, refinement, and complete peace of mind it is
necessary that the eight limbs that are integral to yoga practices form the core features of
ayurvedic yoga and psychology. Basically, yoga is a form of science that is meant for health
and well-being of everyone including the practitioner as well as learners and Ayurveda is the
inherent healer and science that help deep relaxation as well as detoxification.