10 Homemade Juices To Increase Your Immunity

Jun 10, 2021 | yoga&health

Each one of you yearns for a happy and healthy life. However, how many can achieve it? If you take admission in Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikeshyou can unearth them slowly. Moreover, if you are studying at Rishikesh, then yoga becomes a habit. A time will come when you will eat, breathe, and pray yoga. Many people enquire about the diet while practising yoga. Let us find out more about it today. 

What To Eat Before and After Practice?

We get inquiries in large numbers today. Now, it is quite evident that before any exercise, you need to eat light. Keep your stomach as calm and cool as possible. Who wants to burp and make noises that make others uncomfortable? Therefore, you should eat mindfully before and after practice. You ought to practice yoga after a light meal. It could be fruits, soup, or salads. Some people have a shot of protein shake beforehand. Bananas are a great choice, as they provide fuel to the body. You will learn about it in detail during your online Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. 

Foods That Increase Immunity – Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Before we move ahead to explore the various recipes for juices, let us talk about immunity. Is it a one-time dose? Or is it some power booster? No, it is none of that. You cannot abuse your body for years and then turn towards immunity one day. It will simply not work. At Samadhi Yoga Ashram Rishikesh, we can provide you with complete knowledge about immunity. 

Immunity is a broad term. The body’s immune system protects the body from pathogens. There are two types of responses that a body produces – innate and adaptive. The former does not require a pathogen to react. The second one happens when a foreign body tries to invade the body. You can include various immunity booster fruits, vegetables, and dairy products to make the body immune. The Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh also stresses internal health factors. 

  • The first fruit or group of fruits that comes to mind is citrus fruits. Most people turn to Vitamin C at the mention of protection for colds and flu. It does help to build the immune system. Vitamin C also increases the white blood cells of the body. The various citrus fruits you can choose from include grapefruit, oranges, lemons, tangerines, and limes. The body does not produce Vitamin C. Therefore, and you need to supply the body with enough Vitamin C. 
  • Garlic is another food item that you must include in your diet. It adds a zing to all kinds of food. Moreover, most cuisines use it. Garlic has immune-boosting properties. You can delegate its capability to behave as an anti-carcinogen to the compound called Allicin. 
  • Many people turn to ginger if they have a cough or cold. It does help to decrease inflammation. Moreover, it helps with nausea prevention as well. 

Enrol in a yoga TTC in Rishikesh to understand these better. 

Ten Homemade Juices To Improve Immunity

While you undergo the Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, you will come across these recipes and more because yoga encompasses a holistic lifestyle and not just exercise and warm-ups. Therefore, you will bring about an amalgamation of the mind, body, and soul with yoga. 

  • You already know how beneficial citrus fruit is for immunity enhancement. Take a juicer and juice them. Have the juices fresh. Moreover, you do not need any additives like sugar or salt. It is indeed tasty. 
  • A concoction of green apple, carrots, and oranges is as tasty and powerful. Vitamins A and C can take the body’s immune system to new heights. 
  • Juice of beet, carrot, ginger, and apple is as tasty and can decrease inflammation. Ginger is great for people who have rheumatoid arthritis. 
  • Few people do not know about Virgin Mary? However, we are talking about the good-old tomato juice here. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin B-9. It lowers the risk of infections as well. Tomatoes also provide the body with magnesium. 
  • A mixture of Kale, tomato, and celery is one of its kind. You can get a huge dose of Vitamin A from this concoction. This drink is refreshing and will also awaken your senses. 
  • Strawberry and Kiwi blended is a health booster in the true sense. It is a Vitamin C-packed drink. This power-packed concoction can prevent the risk of respiratory ailments like cases of flu and pneumonia. This is a great immunity booster fruit juice. 
  • Strawberry and mango are other great combinations for an immunity-boosting juice. Additionally, it is a healthy way to satiate your cravings. Mango contains loads of Vitamin E. You can add almond milk to it to increase the anti-oxidant benefits. 
  • The watermelon cooler is a very old recipe. Add a dash of mint leaves to it. The drink can also relieve your muscle soreness. It is a good hydrator for the body as well. 
  • You can make a concoction with pumpkin seeds. It is not that common, and many people do not know about it. You can replace the milk in the recipe with vegan milk. Apart from boosting the immune system, it has a whole lot of other benefits. Pumpkin seeds are rich in Zinc. And, Zinc is a remedy for cold and flu. 
  • Lastly, you can also try out the vegetable booster. It includes Kale, lettuce, and apples. You can add in a dash of lemon juice for extra tanginess. Vitamins and micro-nutrients power the juice. Once you start your yoga diploma course in Rishikesh, you will be able to have it daily. 

These immunity-boosting drinks are great if you make it a habit to have them. If you think that a crash diet of these juices will help you, I suppose you might be wrong. You have to ensure to boost your health from within. It is a disciple that you need to master. A person cannot become a Yogi in one day. It is the same with immunity. You have to stick to the right diet to see the benefits. Alter your lifestyle with yogic practice and a holistic diet.