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Women Empowerment

  • Women Empowerment
women empowerment

Women Empowerment

“Matru Shakti Jagat Shakti”
The power of women is the power that can control and moderate the universe.
Hari Om!

The power of women has been well illustrated in ancient scripts and scriptures. In the modern society women have been mostly neglected for many reasons. There are lot of emphasis is being offered for women empowerment in recent years. As a part of our social responsibility and giving back to the society, Samadhi Yoga Ashram has initiated its ‘Women Empowerment’ initiative with its multi-lateral programs. With a core idea that women are already empowered we make our noble efforts to channelize those mother energy in the right direction in order to make them self-sufficient and self-expressing. Under this initiative we undertake various programs and projects for skill and communication development that help deprived women to understand their self-potential and expose their skills for a better community.

Types of activities we undertake for empowering women:

Our Ashram undertakes programs of skill development to empower women in terms of financial development. We conduct various skill development programs with women participation such as Incense stick manufacturing, candles and soap making, decorative crafting, book binding, tailoring and such others to expose women to explore new avenues for income generation as well as lead a dignified life. We try to make women self-reliable by empowering them with essential skills and communication techniques. We help them to market their products through our Ashram. We also integrate basic education and book-keeping for women that help them to keep track of their business and earn a sustainable livelihood. Our teachers and skilled experts impart various trainings for women to make them empowered with skills to lead a dignified life.

Who can become a part of this program?

Any women who feel neglected by her family or society can take advantage of these skill development initiatives conducted by our Ashram. We conduct a preliminary scrutiny of all the applications in order to understand the real need of the women neglected in the society. As per personal interest and skills we select women to be inducted in various skill development programs conducted by our Ashram. We offer women a platform from where they can showcase their skills and talents to the world outside. This helps them in exploring various avenues related to their skills and also helps them to market them for financial liberty. Our Ashram offers a perfect platform to empower women in diversified sectors to help and market their skills and produces.

We strongly feel that guiding the women power in the right direction can not only help the woman for attaining financial freedom, but can also help a family that revolves around that woman. Woman empower programs in Rishikesh are directly monitored by our Ashram and makes sure to offer adequate support for the needy women to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the destitute women through right skill, information and education.

Join your hands with this noble initiative to make changes in the lives of women who are marginalized by the society. We welcome any such initiative from any quarter that helps to build a better community through women empowerment. Contact us for further details.

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