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Education For Children

  • Education For Children
Education For Children

Education For Children

“Sa Vidya Ya Bimuktaye!”
Education is that which can liberate our souls from the bondage of ignorance.
Hari Om!

This is one of the prime motivators for us to offer impactful and skillful education for the children in need. Our commitment to create a better world makes us to return to the society in terms of service to the mankind. In line with the commitment, we have started working closely for the deprived and destitute children for providing them free and good quality education. We understand that education is the only aspect that can create a strong and sensible human with proper guidance. This is why Samadhi Yoga Ashram has started “Education for Children” program that offers free education, study materials, uniforms and food for a child to engage him in learning the important aspects of life with formal school education.

Our objective behind this program:

By providing education for the children, we envisage to return back to the society in terms of value based education starting from our Gurukul system of education in Rishikesh. With this program we envisage to instill the ancient values, traditions and effective learning for the children that can help them to build a better future and career. We are very cautious in selecting children who are really in need to make this effort a successful one for any child in need.

How can a child seek these benefits?

Under our ‘Education for Children’ program in Rishikesh any child who is belonging to marginalized and deprived community can approach us for free education through his parents and guardians. We consider all such cases and check if the child is really in need. After selection all such children, we get them admitted to residential schools (optional), where the child can stay in a hostel and complete his education. We have provisions for school uniforms, books and stationaries as well as 3 meals a day for the children, which are made free till the child is residing in the hostel and continuing his education in Rishikesh.

Our school outreach program:

We also conduct school outreach programs where we adopt certain schools and provide them adequate support for infrastructure, teach & learning activities as well as other facilities. We select schools and help them to develop their infrastructure for better education. With this program we help schools to build classrooms, toilets and provide books and stationaries for children that help the schools to teach effectively. We also provide education kits for the children who are otherwise not able to afford these study materials due to their socio-economic conditions.

Any school, which is in need of support, can apply us to get associated with us for such a comprehensive support. We also have our own Ashram School which intakes students every year for providing them value-based education through Gurukul system of education. We feel there is a strong need for better education for any child and thus we try our best to deliver the much needed support for the children in need for their education and upbringing.

We also appreciate and encourage support in terms of charity for our ‘Education for Children’ program in Rishikesh. Interested philanthropists can join hands with our Ashram for offering education to the children and shape their future bright!

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